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Meet Brook.

A personal health tool there when you need support for staying healthy from the comfort and safety of home.

Immune Support Series

Wondering about ways you can give your immune system some support? In our 6 part series we dive deep into actions you can do each day to keep bugs at bay.

Myth Busting – Plant-based Protein

Can you really get all the protein and nutrients your body needs from plants alone? There’s a lot of misinformation out there around plant-based diets, so we’ve debunked four common myths to set the record straight.

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 ‘I noticed a change after only one week of using Brook. It helps me make better decisions about what to eat, make weekly meal plans, and even approach grocery shopping in a whole new way.’

Donall, Brook user

Why Brook?

If you have type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, or other personal health challenges, the daily decisions you make about food, exercise, medication, stress, and sleep are key to getting and staying healthy.

That’s where Brook comes in. We provide easy and convenient access to our Health Coaches and tools, right on your smartphone. Brook’s evidence-based guidance gives you the support you need to make smart, daily decisions and build healthy habits to achieve your long-term health goals.

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Expert help, any day of the year

Have a question about your health? Our dietitians, diabetes educators, and lifestyle coaches are here for you every single day — including weekends and holidays. Our friendly, automated chat service is available 24/7/365 with personalized reminders, tips, and helpful assistance.

Convenient, helpful support

Brook is like having a knowledgeable friend there for you anytime you need them. We make it simple to enter important health information such as meals, exercise, and medication. And when you need tips and resources on what to eat, ways to get active, or how to stay in your healthy zone, just ask Brook.

Better doctor’s visits

With Brook’s helpful reports, you and your doctor can see your progress on sleep, medication, exercise, and more. This way, the two of you can understand your complete health story and spend your time discussing insights and setting goals – not decoding your data.

What Brook does

Easy to track

You can count on Brook to connect seamlessly with your glucometer, fitness tracker, or other supported health monitoring devices. It even logs your sleep patterns and steps from your smartphone. Additional information, like meals and medication, is easily entered through chat-based interactions.

Your health story, all in one place

Brook combines data from your connected devices with the information you enter about food, medication, exercise, and more. The result is an easy-to-read dashboard that gives you a complete picture of your health.

Personalized insights

Every time you use Brook, we get to know you a little better. Our app helps you understand how the daily decisions you make affect your health and build progress toward your goals.

Health Coaches at your fingertips

Brook’s Health Coaches are dietitians, diabetes educators, and lifestyle coaches who work with you to help you achieve your health goals.

Chat with our Health Coaches for personalized support — from food choices to questions to ask your doctor.

Hi there, your blood sugars have been
running a bit high this week, have you
been keeping up on your walking goal?

Health Coaches online now

Caitlin Dunn, MS, RDN, LDN, CDWC

Taisha Bell, RDN

Tracey Martin, MS, CN

Success stories

Ray, needed guidance managing his blood sugar

Ray, needed guidance managing his blood sugar

After four weeks with Brook, I started to really see the correlation between food and blood sugar. This is so helpful and the thing I've been missing.

Denise, needed tips for developing a new diet

Denise, needed tips for developing a new diet and exercise habits

I could see my blood sugar starting to level off in a good way. My A1c has gone down, I've lost a few pounds and I feel wonderful!
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Recognition from the AADE

“If you’re looking for one location in which to store, track and evaluate the various measures that help to manage your diabetes then this is an app you should look into.”

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