Independent Health and Brook Partner to Deliver Remote Care for Members with Chronic Conditions

Western New York’s Independent Health has partnered with Brook to improve the health of members with complex chronic conditions through Remote Care Management.

A shared focus on preventive care versus reactive care underpinned the decision for Independent Health to select Brook as their remote care partner to enhance and lower the cost of care for patients with complex chronic conditions.

These patients have at least five chronic conditions and face many day to day challenges in managing their health. But close monitoring, early detection, and appropriate intervention can all improve outcomes. That’s where Brook comes in.

Brook works closely with health insurance plans and providers to identify, onboard, and activate patient populations that will get the most out of a combination of in-clinic and remote care.

Brook Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Merrill, MD, MS, MBA, says: “Brook is an innovative way for health plans and clinics to provide daily, in-home support for patients who require close monitoring of health data to ensure positive outcomes through early detection and intervention. We are very excited to be working with Independent Health to improve the health of the patients that need it most.”

Brook offers a complete cycle of connected care. Patients receive the health monitoring devices they need – such as a glucose meter, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, and fitness tracker – that automatically send reliable health data to their provider via the Brook app on their smartphone.

The coordination between patients and health professionals allows for early intervention: with real-time updates from Brook, providers can detect emerging health issues and quickly make the appropriate treatment plan adjustments – avoiding unnecessary urgent care or emergency department visits. Where needed, Independent Health can dispatch home-health nurses to a patient’s home for more in-depth assessments and swift interventions.

In short, Brook helps Independent Health members get the support they need in the comfort of their homes, while still receiving optimal care.

Brook also allows health insurance plan providers like Independent Health to offer value-added services to their members: Brook patients receive personalized attention from Brook’s Health Coaches, who offer support and guidance to help patients with complex chronic conditions succeed in their health goals. For Independent Health, the alliance with Brook enhances the care they can offer our members and helps achieve their goals to help Western New York get and stay healthy.

Brook is currently expanding its alliances with health insurance plans and provider clinics to benefit more Americans living with chronic conditions.

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