UBMD Family Medicine selects Brook as its Remote Care Management partner

Western New York’s UBMD Family Medicine has selected Brook to provide Remote Care Management services for its patients with chronic conditions.

UBMD Family Medicine will offer patients with chronic conditions additional support with Brook to help improve their health outcomes and complement the clinic’s existing services.

Brook Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Merrill, MD, MS, MBA, says: “Brook is an innovative way for clinics to provide daily, in-home support for patients who require close monitoring of health data to ensure positive outcomes through early detection and intervention. We are very excited to be partnering with UBMD Family Medicine and make a real difference for their patients.”

Brook Remote Care offers a complete cycle of connected care that allows healthcare providers to detect emerging health issues and quickly make the appropriate treatment plan adjustments – avoiding unnecessary urgent care or emergency department visits.

Brook’s smartphone app collects health data from connected devices – such as a blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, weight scale, or fitness tracker – and shares it directly, in real-time, with the patient’s care team in the clinic. The clinic team can easily view a summary of their patients’ data in a cohesive chart format, while directly communicating with the patient through Brook’s portal messaging, making treatment plan adjustments effortless.

To help alleviate staffing challenges in primary care offices, Brook is delivering a turn-key managed service with the clinically certified Brook team performing regular patient monitoring and escalation to the clinic when a patient needs attention.

Brook Remote Care provides another value-add for clinics to offer their patients – a personalized Health Coach, who offers continuous support and guidance to help patients succeed in their health goals.

With Brook, UBMD patients will benefit from the additional support of Brook’s Health Coaches and the monitoring tools they need to help them achieve their health goals. Clinicians get easy access to patient data so they can respond quickly and adjust care plans as required. This is critical for patients with chronic – often complex – health conditions such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

Brook works closely with clinics to identify, onboard, and activate patient populations that will get the most out of Brook Remote Care, and is currently expanding its alliances with health clinics and health insurance companies to benefit more Americans living with chronic conditions.

For more information, contact Brook at hello@brook.health