Happy November, Brook users! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We’ve got some tasty blood sugar-friendly recipe ideas to help you stay in the zone for the holidays!




Turkey legs: Sometimes cooking a whole turkey can seem a bit excessive. Try cooking just your favorite parts of the turkey to save time and money this Thanksgiving. Here’s a flavorful recipe we found for turkey legs.


Cranberry sauce: Store bought cranberry sauce is often very high in added sugar.  We found a recipe that uses juice as a sweetener instead for less added sugar, making it so much more blood sugar-friendly. Just remember, this is a condiment and should be used sparingly.


Brussels sprouts: For a healthy vegetable side dish, try these roasted Brussels sprouts with dried cranberries and hazelnuts. The cranberries add just a touch of sweetness and the hazelnuts add a beautiful aromatic crunch to this dish.


Stuffing: Stuffing is a Thanksgiving dinner essential! Check out this stuffing recipe made out of cauliflower instead of bread for a blood sugar-friendly side.


Pumpkin pie: Nothing screams Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie! Here’s a blood sugar-friendly pumpkin pie recipe that uses stevia instead of sugar as a sweetener. Remember, while stevia is considered natural, it still fits into the category of “artificial sweeteners” and should be eaten sparingly.



Don’t forget to record what you eat and your blood sugar readings in Brook so that you can stay on track this Holiday Season.


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