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How Brook helps

Diabetes Prevention Program

Brook+ has a fully digital, CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program with easy-to-access curriculum and any day Health Coach access over the full 12 months.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Manage your patient population, reduce risk, provide better care for your patients, and easily bill for your time with Brook's Remote Patient Monitoring system.

Structured Programs & Challenges

Brook includes access to highly structured programs created and led by dietitians and certified diabetes educators on a multitude of subjects designed to foster positive behavior change.

Diabetes & Hypertension

Brook helps patients keep track of their readings manually or through Bluetooth-enabled glucometers and blood pressure monitors. Data is displayed clearly, and a report of recent readings can be printed or emailed.


Your patients can work with a nutritionist or diabetes educator on Brook any day of the week, and access our COVID-19 support chatbot available 24/7 with answers to over 600 questions.

Food &

Our Expert team of dietitians use your patient's food journal to educate, provide feedback, & set goals for healthy eating with your patients.
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Brook offers resources and education around stress management, including a 4-week structured program with lessons, tips, and goal setting to help your patients build stress management skills.

Medication & Testing Reminders

Your patients can get push notification reminders when it’s time to take their meds or test their blood sugar or pressure. Brook can also send patients reminders about flu shots and blood work.

Fitness &

Brook lets your patients track steps, exercise, sleep, weight, food, blood sugars and pressures, and A1c in one place. Brook provides personalized action items for improving health, and access to our Expert team for motivation & accountability.

Communications for your practice

Informational flyers, blog posts, and messaging you can use with your patients.

PDF printouts


Blog posts



Ready-to-go messaging


The following is messaging available to your office for patient portals, social media campaigns, and other marketing.

We understand you may have questions about managing your health while adjusting to changes in your daily life during this uncertain time. As always as your healthcare provider, we want to support you in your efforts to get and stay healthy.

For non-medical questions and daily health support, we want to make you aware of the Brook Health Companion, a free app for your smartphone. Brook provides real-time access to a team of registered dietitians and nutritionists any day of the week with no appointments needed right from the comfort and safety of your home.

Brook can help address your concerns related to:

  • Supporting healthy immune function
  • Stress management
  • Adjusting daily routines
  • Staying active at home
  • Simple, healthy home cooking
  • Concerns about sleep
  • Managing blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Pertinent COVID-19 education


Brook does not provide clinical support, so please contact our office directly if you have any medical concerns.

Get in touch

Erin Levy is your local Brook contact. Please call or email her with any questions!

(518) 930-8251

To help support your practice’s efforts in providing additional resources for your patients during this health crisis, the Brook Health Companion mobile app, in partnership with CDPHP, is offering FREE access to the app for everyone. Brook does not provide clinical support and will direct patients to contact your office for medical concerns.