Connectivity that

Empowers Smart Decisions

Knowledge is the key to making smart, daily decisions about your health. And with the launch of Brook’s new connectivity feature, all the information you need is right at your fingertips. Brook’s ambient data collection now gathers raw data from fitness trackers and health monitoring devices and services. The seamless experience empowers you with even more knowledge behind your daily decisions that lead to good health.

Connectivity for Fitness Tracking

Today’s top fitness trackers do more than count steps and sleep. They’re a wealth of data and information about your healthy habits and lifestyle. When you connect your device, Brook’s powerful interface compiles and analyzes its data, then combines it with Brook’s own personalization, 24/7. The result is one easy place to get the most comprehensive, and actionable, insights into your health.

Connectivity for Health Monitoring Devices & Services

Testing with glucometers and blood pressure monitors provides basic data, but leaves the analysis up to you. When connected to Brook, the data received by your monitor gets used by our Expert team and added into your Brook Doctor Report providing greater insights for you and your care team.

Ready to Connect?

  • Navigate to your profile in Brook by tapping the person icon in the upper right, then tap your name

  • Scroll down to “Apps and devices” and tap “More” to connect your device


Check out our video showing you how to connect here:

Pro-tip: be sure to sync your fitness trackers with your phone regularly to ensure your data is up-to-date

For more information, head over to the Expert channel in your Brook app.

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