Brook now provides up-to-date, personalized guidance to keep members on track and reduce the burden on healthcare system during COVID-19 crisis


Brook’s 24/7, chat-based service connects members with health experts, provides immediate response to health concerns, increases care efficiency, and boosts member satisfaction through always-available resources from the safety of home.

Answering the increase of questions


Members are expressing concerns on how to adjust their routines during this time, and are asking for support to stay on top of their health and wellbeing. 

Expanding with COVID-19 support 


We expanded, and continue to expand, our support capabilities for all the ways COVID-19 has affected our daily lives, and by giving everyone free access for the duration of the crisis.

Brook’s Experts keep people engaged and coming back


Our COVID Q&A bot triages with Brook’s Expert team of dietitians and health educators to provide additional personalized health advice and guidance to members. Brook’s Experts are available 7 days a week, no appointments or phone calls necessary.

Calling all Health Plans & Care Providers

Unique opportunity for health plans with real-time population health management:
  • Provide 24/7 answers – Brook is a unique, chat-based service with personalized answers to pressing health questions. 
  • Reduce burden on your care systems – drive efficiency to care resources, and reduce call center loads.
  • Increase member satisfaction and loyalty, through a tool that provides immediate information and response, with no wait time. 
  • React to members’ needs quickly – enabling Brook to your population does not require any IT integration and can be offered to members within 48 hours.
  • Customize Brook to carry your brand:
    • Build communication channels within the service to proactively message your population with real time information about health resources, news and alerts.
    • Use Brook for targeted communication to sub-groups.
Brook is calling on Health Plans and Care Providers to partner with us to extend this support to their communities.

Our partner Independent Health


Brook and  Independent Health is increasing support to tell the entire WNY community about the available resource and service.

Brook is uniquely positioned to support people during this difficult and uncertain time since our Personal Health Companion app is available 24-7, right on your smartphone, from the comfort and safety of home.