Brook’s new Food Journal with Meal Intelligence technology

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Food logging can be more than just tracking your calories.

Logging regularly helps you see your eating patterns and make informed choices about meals and snacks. When you have a journal to look back on, it becomes obvious that on days you don’t include enough fiber at lunch, you overdo it on dessert. Without being able to check, your double dessert days may seem erratic, and you might feel frustrated. 

Logging also helps bring more awareness to how you feel before, during, or after meals. Does that extra serving of rice make you feel too full? 

By logging your food, you can begin to see correlations between specific meals or snacks and blood sugar readings, sleep quality, energy levels, sugar cravings, and more. For example, you may find that you feel tired and crave sugar the days after you eat pasta, but you feel fine the day after having quinoa, instead.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone. Brook’s team of Health Coaches can see your Food Journal, too, and are trained to spot patterns and opportunities for improvement. That’s why we’ve made food logging easier than ever before – Just say what you ate, and we’ll do the rest.

Our Food Journal uses Meal Intelligence technology

We capture full sentences and instantly turn it into nutritional information, presented in easy-to-read displays.

You and the Health Coaches can view your journal entries organized by day, week, or month, and by calories, nutrients, or meals.

Using Brook’s Food Journal

It’s simple to log food. Tap +, tap the food icon, then tap the microphone and say what you ate. You can also type or choose from previously reported foods. Brook uses Meal Analysis technology to instantly turn what you ate into nutritional information. We take our best guess at the amounts you ate, based on typical portion sizes. To edit serving size or quantity, simply tap on the food item returned.

Helpful Tips for Logging

1 - More specifics mean greater accuracy

The more specific you are with your description, the more accurate Brook can be.

“I had minestrone, salad, and breadsticks”

“I had a cup of minestrone, 2 cups of salad with Italian dressing, and 2 breadsticks”

You can log general items for a quick nutrition estimate or you can be as specific with each item as you like to get a more accurate nutrition breakdown of your meal – it’s up to you how detailed you want to see.

2 - Change results by changing your words

You can easily alter your results by changing how you say your meal. For example, include “and” between food items to break them up.

“Avocado toast”
“Avocado and toast”

Adding the “and” in this example breaks avocado and toast up into two separate items. This is helpful if you had a non-standard amount of something, like extra avocado, and you want to be able to edit the serving of avocado without affecting the serving of toast.

3 - Edit portion sizes when necessary

Once we translate your sentences into food items, you can edit the portion sizes by tapping on the item you want to edit.

Tap the item to edit.
Tap the trashcan to delete an item.
Hit the back arrow to change your entire entry.

4 - We're always improving

Our database is constantly growing and getting better. If you don’t find a brand name or a specific item in our database yet, don’t worry, it’s coming. Until then, use a generic description of your item or it’s ingredients.

Viewing Your Food Journal

Want to look back through your Food Journal entires and nutrition data? You can view your logged foods by tapping “Profile” in the upper-right, then tapping the apple icon. You can see averages for calories and nutrients in weekly and monthly views, or tap on Daily to see the complete nutrition breakdown day by day. 

After you log food, you can view your entire Food Journal broken down calories, nutrients, and entries organized by day, week, or month.

Getting Support

Best part of Brook’s Food Journal? You aren’t on your own to figure out what to do with the Meal Analysis results. Our Health Coaches are available everyday and will help you find what works best for you and your health, and keep you on track for reaching your goals.

Not sure what to ask our Health Coaches? The options are endless!
  • Looking to cut back on sugar?
  • Overwhelmed with following doctor prescribed dietary changes?
  • Not sure how best to manage your blood sugar?
  • Blood pressure or cholesterol higher than it should be?
  • Feeling sluggish at 3pm and tired of feeling tired?
Our Health Coaches can help!

When it comes to food logging, more data is better for finding patterns and opportunities for improvement. We’ve simplified logging so you can do it quicker, and more often, so our Health Coaches can help you make those small changes in your eating habits that add up to big results in your health. 

Tap the button from your smartphone to open the app and start logging your food for Health Coach support today.