This handy-dandy cooking tool just might become your new favorite kitchen item. Not only will a well-cared for skillet last a lifetime, it can be a great tool for throwing together quick one-pan meals, taking the stress out of creating midweek meals that are healthy, delicious, and quick.  

Getting started with cast iron may seem daunting, but we’re here to help.

 Cast Iron Cooking Basics

The beauty of cooking in cast iron lies in its versatility. It goes from stove to oven seamlessly, and you can even throw it over an open fire. Perfectly crisp potatoes? Golden roast chicken? Getting that just-right sear on fish? Cast iron does it all. Here are some basic pointers and ideas to get your started.

1. Give it time to preheat

As you may have noticed, cast iron is heavy. All that metal takes time to come to temperature. The good part is that cast iron holds its heat well, so no need to worry about cold spots in the pan once it gets going!

2. All foods work

Old lore might have warned against cooking acidic foods in cast iron, but a well-seasoned skillet can hold up to just about any food. Maybe skip the tomato sauce recipe that slowly simmers all day, but don’t be afraid to throw some vinegar or acidic foods into your cast iron recipes.  Check out this one-pan shrimp dish for an example.

3. The possibilities are endless!

Seriously. From perfect and simple roast chicken to a more epic dish like shepherd’s pie. You can even revolutionize breakfast with this easy egg dish.

Caring for Your Cookware

Cleaning and seasoning a never-used or rusty pan:


Cleaning an already seasoned pan: 


More Cleaning Tips
1. Always hand wash.

Cast iron may seem like a tough cookie, but the dishwasher is no friend here. Show your pan the love it deserves and give it a good scrub by hand.

2. To soap or not to soap? 

Nothing can start a heated debate among chefs quite like cleaning cast iron. Generally speaking, the more gentle you can be while cleaning, the better. Warm water and salt often does the trick, but go ahead and suds up if you like. A little bit of gentle detergent should be ok, but if your cast iron is well seasoned it probably won’t need it.

3. Want a few more pointers?

Check this out.

Cooking in cast iron skillet can be a versatile and easy way to prepare simple, healthy meals. Looking to branch out more in the kitchen? The Brook Experts are kitchen nerds and love chatting about food! Head on over to the Expert Channel in Brook for more kitchen tips, tricks, and meal ideas.

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