Regular physical activity comes loaded with health benefits, including reduced risk (or improved management) of chronic disease. Also included? Better sleep and some pretty awesome boosts in energy and mood. So, are you getting your daily activity in? It is recommended for adults to get at least 30 minutes of activity a day, 5 days a week (150 minutes total), with added benefit for increased physical activity. Curious how to stay active during your busy day? We’ve got you covered with 5 easy ways to get moving!

PS – remember to always check with your doctor before beginning a new activity or making changes to your existing exercise routine.

Break It Up

Find yourself pressed for time throughout the day? Break up your activity into small bursts! Even 5-10 minutes at a time can add up to 30+ minutes by the end of the day, and several recent studies show that a few shorter sessions of activity may be more beneficial to health than one longer one. This is a great strategy for anyone who works a desk job, as it not only helps achieve your activity goals, but also encourages healthy breaks from sitting all day. Looking for a quick routine to start your day? Check out this highly effective workout, it’s easy to do at home and only takes 7 minutes. Or, if you are just starting out, check out this or this YouTube video.


Switch It Up

While a quick workout might be the last thing on your mind as your head out for a busy day, what if you could make a small change to your commute that could have a big impact? Switching up your commute, such as getting off the bus a stop earlier than you normally would, builds a walk into the start and end of your day and helps hit overall activity goals. If you drive to work, try parking farther away and take the stairs when possible. Feeling ambitious? Pause on your way up to do some stair lunges. Your coworkers may just think you’ve already had your second cup of coffee when you get to the office!


Walk & Talk

Meetings, phone calls, catching up with friends…sounds to us like an opportunity to get a walk in! Switch it up and take a walk while you chat, you might even find that it leads to a more productive meeting! Have a phone call to make? Catch up while you take a spin around the block – 30 minutes will feel like nothing in the company of a good friend or loved one.


TV & Workout

Get this – an hour-long TV show has an average 13-16 minutes of commercial time. Use this downtime to your advantage and squeeze in a workout while you wait for your program to resume. These quick bursts are a great time to work on strength training or quickly get your heart rate up. Looking for some easy, at-home “fitspiration”? Check out these 50 moves that can be done anywhere, equipment-free.


Find The Fun

If going to the gym makes you think of slogging along on a treadmill or an uninspiring weight room, fear not! There are plenty of ways to get active and still have fun. If you miss the days of team sports, check out adult intramural leagues in your area for activities such as dodgeball, volleyball, or softball. Or, maybe something creative, like dancing is more your style. Love nature? Try hiking, kayaking, or even just taking the dog to the park. Crave variety? Group fitness plans such as Classpass, which gives you countless options in your city, are perfect for those who want a taste of everything. Even home fitness routines can find a dose of fun with activities such as rebounding – bouncing on a trampoline in the name of fitness! Whatever your style, find something that you enjoy and keeps you coming back for more…you’ll hit that weekly activity goal in no time.


Physical activity is an important factor to a healthy lifestyle, and the Brook Experts are here to help. Check in with your doctor about what is appropriate for your individual needs, then head over to the Expert Channel in your Brook app to chat about fun ways to stay active or to set an activity goal.

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