The Brook app is your personal health companion. The best part? Brook’s team of health experts that are available every single day for questions, feedback, and support.

What makes Brook’s Experts, well, experts?

Great question! When you message Brook’s Experts, you are talking directly to our team of highly-trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Diabetes Educators. They understand that managing health is complicated and are there to help.

Brook’s Experts offer professional guidance for creating healthy habits. Whether you are interested in increased energy, planning delicious and balanced meals, or fitting more activity into your busy days, our experts can provide the daily support you need to make and maintain positive changes.

Chatting with Brook’s Experts is a simple way to help maintain health in between care provider visits, as well as get guidance and support when you need it most – no appointments, in-person visits, or phone calls necessary.

Meet the Experts

We asked a few of our Experts to introduce themselves. Check them out:

Emily Matson, MS, RDN

After years working in dog and cat nutrition, Emily realized that if she could improve the health of pets through diet improvement, she should be able to do the same for people, too! She returned to school to get her Master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and completed an internship with the University of Michigan to become a dietitian. Emily loves helping people achieve better health through the small, daily choices that stack on each other to create big changes over time. At Brook, she appreciates the ability to offer targeted, personalized recommendations to each member. 

Outside of Brook, Emily likes to get outside to garden or go hiking. On rainy Seattle days, she enjoys reading and playing board games.

Heather King, MS, RDN, CDE

After a career as a National Park Service Ranger, Heather switched gears and attended graduate school at Bastyr University for a Master’s in Nutrition. Her grandmother was a summer camp nutritionist, and her mother cooked with tofu long before most people knew what that was, so you could say nutrition was quite literally in her blood. 

After grad school, Heather worked for a decade at local Seattle medical clinics, providing nutrition care to patients and working on her Certified Diabetes Educator credential. She started at Brook in June 2016. She is loving watching Brook grow into such an amazing tool for our members.

Outside of work, Heather enjoys biking and playing outside with her wife and 7-year old daughter, and tending to her backyard veggie garden. 

Health Coach Kelsea smiling for the camera
Kelsea Hoover, MS, RDN

Kelsea moved to Seattle from California to pursue her career as a dietitian. With a bachelor’s degree in Genetics from the University of California at Davis already in hand, she continued her education with a master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. She is passionate about helping people find balance for happiness and health. She believes everyone is unique and deserves the individualized care that Brook provides.

When she’s not working for Brook, you can find Kelsea hanging out with her two cats, cooking in her tiny kitchen, or getting out into the wilderness for hiking or camping with her partner.

Tracey Martin, MS, CN, LMHCA

After working as a baker at a gluten-free bakery and creating wedding cakes as a side business, Tracey decided to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition. With her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Washington in hand, Tracey decided to continue her education with a Master’s in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University.

Tracey believes in a strong mind-body connection. She strives to help others make small changes that impact their overall health. She also enjoys helping others develop a positive relationship with food through the lens of mindful eating. Every individual is unique, and thus she believes that nutritional counseling should be an individualized process.

Outside of work, Tracey continues to bake at home in her spare time. She enjoys going for walks and practicing yoga. She loves to travel with her family, including her husband and son, and is expecting another little boy this summer.

Cami Woomer, DTR

Nutrition wasn’t on Cami’s radar until college, where she started taking intro nutrition courses as electives in her childhood development/psychology classes. After falling in love with the science and application of nutrition, she switched majors and the rest is history. She holds a Bachelor’s of Nutrition and Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Cami is passionate about meeting people where they are and making nutrition accessible and using motivational interviewing techniques to help others achieve sustainable health goals and lifestyle changes. She’s a Certified Wellness Coach from WellCoaches and is eligible for the National Board Health & Wellness Coaching credential. 

Outside of Brook, you can find Cami outdoors hiking, camping, stand up paddle boarding, and biking with her husband and two dogs. She also enjoys expanding photography and videography skills in nature and with food.

What are people on Brook saying?

The Experts are available every day of the year on your Brook app. Together you can develop a meal plan, set goals, and stick to those goals with regular check-ins. They can support you as you build healthy habits around food, activity, sleep, medication, and more.

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MS = Masters of science degree

RDN = Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

CDE = Certified Diabetes Educator

CN = Certified Nutritionist (Washington State)

LHMCA = Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (Washington State)

DTR = Dietetic Technician, Registered