The Brook app is your personal health companion. The best part? Brook’s team of health experts that are available every single day for questions, feedback, and support.

What makes Brook’s Experts, well, experts?

Great question! When you message Brook’s Experts, you are talking directly to our team of highly-trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Diabetes Educators. They understand that managing health is complicated and are there to help.

Brook’s Experts offer professional guidance for creating healthy habits. Whether you are interested in increased energy, planning delicious and balanced meals, or fitting more activity into your busy days, our experts can provide the daily support you need to make and maintain positive changes.

Chatting with Brook’s Experts is a simple way to help maintain health in between care provider visits, as well as get guidance and support when you need it most – no appointments, in-person visits, or phone calls necessary.

What are people on Brook saying?
The Experts are available every day of the year on your Brook app. Together you can develop a meal plan, set goals, and stick to those goals with regular check-ins. They can support you as you build healthy habits around food, activity, sleep, medication, and more. Chat soon  💬  

Experts pictured:
Suzan, MS, RDN
Heather, MS, RDN, CDE
Emily, MS, RDN
Kelsea, MS, RDN

MS = Masters of science degree
RDN = Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
CDE = Certified Diabetes Educator