We partner with the most innovative health plans and health systems to deliver Brook Remote Care

"With Brook, we're seeing persistence of use. We see tremendous potential with this platform and we think we can extend its capabilities to serve members with other conditions."

Dr. Michael Cropp, CEO Independent Health

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Health plans & systems

Brook is built to support your members / patients across the care continuum. By using a simple chat interface, backed by our powerful AI engines, we are able to deliver an engaging experience, delivered through an easy to understand interface that was built to support all members. Brook is easy to launch, and there is no integration necessary.

Providers & networks

Customized care, simplified.

Brook enhances the value of the provider-patient relationship with personalized health support tools patients can access from anywhere, right on their smartphone.

With Brook Remote Care through our Health Companion app, your patients get support for following their care plan and building healthy habits any day of the week, even after hours. The app tracks their health data through connected devices so you can implement rapid care plan changes and bill for your time through our easy-to-use portal.


Helping employees own their health and reducing the cost of chronic disease.

Brook is designed to reduce medical spend before it happens.  We make it easier for each individual to succeed with the many small lifestyle decisions it takes to live a healthier life. Brook helps companies protect their valuable investments in human resources while reducing healthcare costs.

Explore the benefits

Built for HIPAA compliance from the inside out

From its inception, Brook has been designed to be compliant with the leading physical, network, and process security measures, ensuring that each individual’s data is protected in full accordance with HIPAA standards.

An experience that engages patients – and keeps them motivated

Beyond usability, Brook is a compelling, highly personal user experience that delivers valuable benefits from day one. With an intuitive interface, team of Health Coaches, and simple-yet-powerful data collection and displays, Brook makes a connection with each user so they feel supported, and keep coming back.

Many conditions, one program

Prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension affect more than half the U.S. population, yet hold the greatest opportunity for positive health outcomes. Brook supports people living with these and other conditions through personalized experiences for each individual.

How to partner with Brook

1. Customize your launch plan

Brook collaborates with your team to create alignment between your brand and ours. We identify key audiences that can benefit most, develop a plan that can offer maximum impact (including in-person training and on-the-ground support), and provide regular, detailed summaries about your population’s progress.

2. Simple technology integration

Getting started with Brook requires little to no IT design. Setup, billing, and monitoring can be accomplished in a few short steps. And, because Brook is fully HIPAA compliant, your data is always secure.

3. Marketing & lead generation

Our strategic marketing and communications framework is designed to elevate your brand, and enroll and engage users across your network and community.

Technology partners

The more we work together, the better we can do.

Brook collaborates with technology businesses across the healthcare ecosystem, including diabetes device manufacturers. If your product isn’t yet on Brook’s list of supported devices, talk with us. Together, we can craft larger partnerships with healthcare systems and providers, providing better and more holistic healthcare to people living with chronic diseases.

Certifications & accreditations