Brook+ helps you make lasting health changes so you can look forward to many healthy tomorrows.

100% Covered Benefit Under Many Insurance Plans

- 5000
pounds lost

on Brook+ in 2020

How it works

Brook+ is a 12-month Diabetes Prevention Program that helps you build lasting healthy habits to help you lose weight and reduce the risk of diabetes.

You’ll receive the tools and personal coaching needed to make lasting change.

No classrooms or clinic visits necessary.

Terri is finally out of the “overweight” BMI category, and she feels amazing.

Carissa says Brook+ helped her get her life back.

Don't give up your favorite foods

Eat what you love while improving your health

Evidence-based success

Our Brook+ program is based on thoroughly tested and proven, evidence-based approaches and standards. We follow the guidelines and specific interventions of the leading medical authorities, including the CDC, ADA, AHA, and AADE.

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In partnership with Independent Health, Brook is providing the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) to help people better understand, and manage diabetes to live a healthier life.

*Brook is a HIPAA complaint company. Members gave Brook permission to use their names, photos, and quotes.