Using your BodyTrace Blood Pressure Cuff with Brook

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Step 1

Add the batteries into the back of your device.

Step 2

Plug the cuff tube connector into the side of the device.

Step 3

Slide the cuff onto bare upper arm, with the tube exiting down towards your hand. Align the marker with your inner arm.

Step 4

Wrap the end of the cuff over your arm and secure in place. Don’t over tighten – a finger should fit between cuff and arm.

Step 5

Press the START/STOP button to turn on the device and start a reading.

Step 6

The device automatically transmits your results. During this process an indicator is shown on the display.

Step 7

Open your Brook app, tap Profile, then scroll through the icons to find the blood pressure one. Tap on it to display your data.

That’s it! Your blood pressure cuff is set up to transmit your readings to your Brook app.

Want to download these steps as a PDF so you can print it at home? Click here.