Using your BodyTrace Scale with Brook

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Step 1

Add the batteries into the back of your device.

Step 2

Place the scale on a hard, flat surface. Step on the scale. Wait until your reading blinks and remains on the display.

Step 3

Step off the scale. The monitor will show the transmission in progress and transmission success symbols shown here.

That’s it! Your scale is set up to transmit your weights to your Brook app.


  1. Remove your shoes and excess clothing before stepping on the scale.
  2. Check your weight at the same time each day, and hold still during measurement.
  3. Keep the scale in the same location and make sure it’s on a hard, flat surface. Do not store scale upright.
  4. If the scale is moved or stored upright and the readings fluctuate, try stepping on the scale a second time – this should re-calibrate the scale.
  5. Since data is automatically logged, the scale should only be used by the person on Brook.
  6. Weights can be viewed in the Brook app’s profile section.
  7. Scale limit is 440 pounds.

Want to download these steps as a PDF so you can print it at home? Click here.