Brook Remote Care

Empowering you to achieve balance and control over your health conditions – anytime, anywhere.

What is Brook

Brook Remote Care is a service your healthcare provider partners with to provide you the best care and support to get and stay healthy.

Brook creates a direct connection with your care team, and provides extra support from a Brook Nurse and Health Coach. No more waiting for in-office visits to get your questions answered or medications adjusted.

What you’ll get

Personalized Health Coaching

Get support with building healthy habits and navigating setbacks so you can stay on your health journey with ease.

Better Care, Less Visits

Chat directly with your care team right on your smartphone so you can get care even when you’re not in the office.

Get Healthy Sooner

Your progress is clear, so you and your provider can make quick decisions about your health instead of waiting for your next appointment.

What to expect

Your provider starts your enrollment process & sets the care plan Brook will help you implement. 

Open the email from

Click the unique link and finish enrollment

Open your confirmation email with your smartphone and click the link to download the Brook app.

Log into the app with the email and password you used during enrollment.

Once you log into the Brook app, we’ll mail you your Welcome Kit!

It contains the linked devices you’ll need to follow the care plan your provider prescribed you. 

Once you get your Welcome Kit, it’s time to link your devices! 

Use the guides from your Welcome Kit or call one our friendly Brook support staff for support.

Brook helps you build new healthy habits and follow your care plan. 

Your provider tracks your progress and adjusts your care plan where needed.


Brook Remote Care can be used as long as the patient and provider see fit.

Data (blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, activity, etc) is sent from your monitoring devices through Brook to your care team. Your Brook nurse and/or clinic monitors your data on a regular basis, and keeps your care team informed about important trends. 

There is no charge for the Brook app or devices. Confirm coverage for Remote Care with your insurance company, copays and deductibles may apply. Find out more here.

No, Brook Health will provide all the necessary devices at no cost to you.

Brook connects with many glucose meters. Chat with your Health Coach on Brook to see if your current glucose meter will connect and for support connecting it.

Brook is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified. HIPAA is a federal law that protects patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. Our SOC2 certification means we are audited by 3rd parties to ensure the safety of your data. This means your information is safe with us, and we never share it with anyone but your care team.

Not a problem! After you complete enrollment you can book a call with a Health Coach to complete the setup and connection of your devices within the Brook app.

It’s recommended, when possible, to use the Brook Health Companion mobile app. The app allows you to interact directly with your Brook Nurse and Health Coach when it’s convenient for you. It can send you reminders to take readings and medications. However, Brook Remote Care is also available without the smartphone app. This option provides you with the same level of care, including monthly calls from your Nurse, and the ability to speak with your Health Coach for support with your health goals.

Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (800) 266-4407