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Brook Remote Patient Monitoring

What is Brook RPM

Brook Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) connects you to your provider for better day-to-day care. 

Brook RPM is a smartphone app that lets your provider keep track of your daily health data when you’re not in the office.

Devices such as glucose meters, blood pressure meters, fitness trackers, and scales are connected directly to the app, so when you use them your health data goes straight to your clinic for review.

This connection allows your provider to make quick adjustments to your care plan to optimize your health.

Note: You will need a smartphone to participate in Brook RPM. Your clinic must partner with Brook to provider Brook RPM services to you. Talk to your doctor to find out if they partner with Brook RPM.

What you’ll get

Data Collection Devices

Brook provides you with the health data collection devices you need to follow the care plan laid out by your provider, such as a fitness tracker, scale, blood pressure cuff, of glucose meter.

Direct Provider Connection

The readings from your data collection devices will be shared directly with your care team. This allows your provider to make quick care plan adjustments to improve your health.

Health Coaching

Brook's team of Health Coaches are available to chat any day of the week on the app. You’ll get support for making the healthy changes recommended by your doctor through simple, in-app messaging.

What to expect

Your provider starts your enrollment process & sets the care plan Brook will help you implement. 

Open the email from 

Click the unique link and finish enrollment

Open your confirmation email with your smartphone and click the link to download the Brook app.

Log into the app with the email and password you used during enrollment.

Once you log into the Brook app, we’ll mail you your Welcome Kit!

It contains the linked devices you’ll need to follow the care plan your provider prescribed you. 

Once you get your Welcome Kit, it’s time to link your devices! 

Use the guides from your Welcome Kit or call one our friendly Brook support staff for support.

Brook helps you build new healthy habits and follow your care plan. 

Your provider tracks your progress and adjusts your care plan where needed.


Remote Patient Monitoring can be used as long as the patient and provider see fit.

Data (blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, activity) will be sent from your monitoring devices to the Brook app and then to your provider. The clinic and its providers will have access to the data, so they can monitor your health remotely. Please note that a smartphone is required.

There is no charge for the Brook app or devices. Confirm coverage for Remote Patient Monitoring with your insurance company, copays and deductibles may apply.

No, Brook Health will provide all the necessary devices at no cost to you.

Brook has a team of registered dietitians and health coaches that are available to talk 9 am – 10 pm EST. Logging meals helps you discover trends between blood sugar and blood pressure readings, but is not required to participate in RPM.

Activity (steps) will automatically track when wearing your Smartwatch.  The data will transmit automatically once connected to the Brook app.  While tracking activity is optional, it is strongly recommended as it provides your care team a more detailed view when making decisions regarding your health.  

Brook connects with many glucose meters. Chat with your Health Coach on Brook to see if your current glucose meter will connect and for support connecting it.

Your personal information is shared with Brook by your provider so we can assist with your care plan. The Brook app is HIPAA compliant, and keeps your medical and personal information secure between the Brook app and your provider. 

Not a problem! After you complete enrollment you’re encouraged to book a call with a Health Coach to complete the setup and connection of your devices within the Brook app.

Have more questions? Email us at or call us at (716) 303-0017