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Brook Remote Patient Monitoring

Why Brook RPM

Brook enhances the value of the provider-patient relationship with personalized health support tools patients can access from anywhere, right on their smartphone.

With Brook Remote Patient Monitoring through our Health Companion app, your patients get support for following their care plan and building healthy habits any day of the week, even after hours. The app tracks their health data through connected devices so you can implement rapid care plan changes and bill for your time through our easy-to-use portal.


Your local Brook RPM Manager will support your office every step of the way, from in-services to providing welcome packets and everything in between.

The RPM program applies to all health plans with the exception of Medicaid, as medicaid does not reimburse all of the RPM CPT codes at this time.

Brook will provide the required devices at no cost to the clinic or patient.

Brook connects with many different glucose meters. Your office will be provided a list of all the glucose meters your patient can connect with Brook.

Yes, the supported devices are Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung (through Google Fit on Android), iHealth, Omron, Qario, Polar, and Garmin.

Because the email is from a new sender, ask the patient to check their spam folder. If they still don’t see it, you can resend the invite link. This can be done through the Patients section of the provider portal. Click Resend Invite to the right of their name.

Devices Compatible with Brook

Bewell Connect MyGluco

Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System

iGlucose BG Meter


  • Align
  • Wireless Smart Gluco


  • Analyzer
  • Initial
  • XL



  • Aria 2 Scale
  • Aria Air Scale
  • Aria Scale


Garmin Index Smart Scale

iHealth – Most devices*

Omron Body Composition Monitor & Scale with Bluetooth (BCM-500)

Withings – Most devices*

Bewell Connect

  • MyTensio Upper Arm
  • MyTensio Wrist



  • Blood Pressure Dock (BP3)
  • Clear Wireless BPM (BPM1)
  • Track (KN550BT)
  • View (BP7S) Wireless Wrist BPM
  • Wireless BPM (BP5)
  • Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor (BP7)
  • Wireless Ease (BP3L) BPM


Omron – Most devices*



  • BPM
  • BPM Core
  • BPM+

Apple Watch

Bewell Connect MyCoach

Fitbit – Most devices*

Garmin – Most devices*

iHealth – Most devices*

Misfit – Most devices*


  • Alvita USB Pedometer (HJ-322U, HJ-323U, and HJ-324U)
  • Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker (HJ-327T)
  • Pedometer (HJ-720ITC)


Polar – Most devices*


Under Armour – Most devices*

Withings – Most devices*

YOO – Most devices*