Using your Telli Health Blood Pressure Cuff with Brook

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Step 1

Select the cuff that comfortably wraps around your upper arm, with room for two fingers between the cuff and your arm.

Step 2

Add the batteries into the back of your device. Plug the cuff tube connector into the side of the device.

Step 3

Slide cuff onto your bare upper arm, with tube exiting towards your hand on the inside of your elbow. 

Step 4

Wrap cuff over your arm and secure in place. Lower edge of cuff should lie 1 inch above your elbow. Don’t over tighten.

Step 5

Lay your arm on a table, palm upwards, so cuff is at the same height as your heart. Don’t bend tube.

Step 6

Sit silently with your legs uncrossed and flat on the ground. Press START/STOP to turn on the device and start a reading.

Step 7

The device automatically transmits your results. If data upload fails, the upper right of the LCD screen will show “Err.”

Step 8

Open your Brook app, tap Profile, then scroll to the blood pressure icon to display your data.

Don’t see your reading within 15 minutes? Call (800) 266-4407 for troubleshooting.


Want to download these steps as a PDF so you can print it at home? Click here.