Connecting your OneTouch Verio Flex to Brook

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Step 1

Open up your Brook app. If you need to download the app, click here from your smartphone or search “Brook Health” in the App Store. Once you’ve got the app open and you are logged in, tap Profile in the upper-right of your screen, then tap your name.

Step 2

Scroll down through your profile and select Bluetooth devices.

Select the image of the OneTouch Verio glucose meter to launch the connection setup.

Step 3

Follow the prompts on the screen to connect your glucose meter to the Brook app. Tap Turn Location permission on if displayed and then select Allow. Next will turn orange when you’re ready to continue. 

That’s it! It’s time to start testing your blood sugar. Open the Brook app once a day while your glucose meter is on and near your phone to ensure proper data syncing. Bluetooth must be on for both devices.

Want to download these steps as a PDF so you can print it at home? Click here.