Dorothy’s Star Story

“Thanks to Brook Remote Care, I feel better already and can’t wait to make my goal!”

For 62-year-old Dorothy, trying to lose weight was an uphill battle. Then she found out her blood sugar was borderline high. It was time to get real help that works.

“I had been struggling to lose weight. I tried so hard and stayed the same for nine months,” she says.

Dorothy’s doctor prescribed Brook Remote Care to give her the support she needs right on her smartphone.
After signing up, Dorothy received the devices her doctor ordered on the connected care system — her new scale, glucose monitor, and fitness tracker — and she’s loving them! Keeping track of her health has never been so easy.

“I use the devices every day. They link to the app and carry over my information, making it very easy for me to check back each day to see how I am doing.”

Dorothy can add the food she’s eating to the app and see a breakdown of the nutrients in her food. And the information about how much exercise she’s enjoying and her blood sugar levels is collected automatically from her devices and shared directly with her care team by Brook. This lets her care team adjust their recommendations and medications without Dorothy needing to come back into the office.

Dorothy says: “My doctor checks in on my results and sends me notes when needed. Recently, they sent me a note telling me I was doing a great job on my sugar levels and to keep up what I’m doing. I can also message them with any questions and they respond right back. Brook makes it very easy to reach out all in one place.”

Dorothy also loves the personalized information and support she receives from the Brook Health Coaches. “When I have questions, I can check in any time and someone is there to help me,” she says. Dorothy’s Brook Health Coach helped her make some healthy diet switches that were easy to make because they fit into her current lifestyle.

“Brook has made it easier for me to find healthier food choices that taste great! I have tried other programs with ‘fat-free this’ and ‘fat-free that’. On this program I do not eat any fat-free food and the food I make is excellent!”

After nine months of struggling to lose weight on her own, the scales are now moving — after only two months with Brook.

She says: “The first time I weighed in and had lost weight I was so excited to see an option that was working for me! I find I am eating better – I do not feel hungry and do not crave snacks or junk food. I am now down 14.2 pounds and have a good plan to get to my goal.”

Other members of the family are enjoying Dorothy’s new-found health: “I have a German Shepherd called Dusty and we love to go hiking. Lately, we have found some new fun places to hike. I have much more energy!”


Dorothy’s tips for getting healthy on Brook:


1. It’s OK to feel unsure.

“I felt unsure at first, but I thought ‘why not give it a try?’ I’m so glad I did! I love the easy tracking and great support.”

2. Ask about the 7-day meal plan and shopping list.

“It was a great help to get started! I love that I just buy my own food and make it. Most days, I make extra for dinner and have it for lunch the next day.”

3. Work with your Health Coach to learn how to make your own easy, balanced meals.

“My coach is always there for me with suggestions. I had to follow recipes at first but now I have it down and can make things on my own, too.” 


Ask your doctor if they offer Brook Remote Care today.

Health Coach Kelsea smiling for the camera
Written by Kelsea Hoover, MS, RDN

on June 22, 2021. Kelsea is Registered Dietitian with her Master's degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and has been a health expert at Brook since 2017.