Day to day, Brook helps people like you live healthier through better nutrition, an active lifestyle, chronic condition management, and more.

Featured Star Stories

Phil uses Brook+ for Diabetes Prevention. He's already down 20 pounds and is working with his personal Health Coach to finally reach his goals.
Dorothy uses Brook Remote Monitoring to lose weight, get her blood sugars in control, and get back to her favorite hobby - hiking with her dog.
Rob uses Brook+ to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce his risk for type 2 diabetes, and get back to his hiking hobby after a long dip in his health.

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Tom searched high and low for a simple tool to help him manage his diabetes. He finally found it with Brook.

Terri says she’s finally out of the “overweight” BMI category, and she feels amazing.

Carissa says she was headed towards a diabetes diagnosis, but Brook+ helped her get her life back.