Allyson is a Registered Dietitian working with people to better manage their blood sugars every day. She was introduced to Brook through our partnership with a Primary Care office she sees patients out of.

She downloaded the app to see if she could recommend it to her patients. “Food logging is a great tool for many patients, it keeps them mindful. Brook offers a food logging platform that also supports blood sugar control, medication compliance, and physical activity. The combination creates a great tool for patients to use when working to improve their health,” she said. “Brook complements the work I do with my patients, and is a great way to get support between their visits with myself or other healthcare providers.”

Allyson recommended her patient, Denise, give the app a try. Check out Denise’s story and her success utilizing Brook’s personalized health companion for support with improving her numbers:

“I could see my blood sugar starting to level off in a good way. My A1c has gone down, I've lost a few pounds and I feel wonderful!”

Meet Denise

Grandmother | Loving Retirement | Type 2 Diabetes

After many blood sugar readings that were alternately too high and too low, Denise got a call from her doctor, who suggested she see a dietitian to help her better control her diabetes.

Her dietitian Allyson gave her practical tips for developing new diet and exercise habits, then told her, “There’s a new app out, called the Brook app, and I want you to use it.”

Denise downloaded the app and started logging her blood sugar, physical activity, and food right away. Brook’s Experts made personalized recommendations for her based on her health data, including increasing veggies, planning healthy breakfasts, and fitting in short bursts of exercise throughout the day. They helped Denise set a goal to add veggies to two meals a day and exercise most days, and she worked hard to reach those goals.

“The Brook app keeps me on track by asking, 'Hey Denise, have you exercised yet today?”

“I could see my blood sugars starting to level off in a good way. My A1c has gone down, I’ve lost a few pounds and I feel wonderful, and I do attribute it to the app. I’m really loving life!” she said.

“The Brook app keeps me on track by asking, ‘Hey, Denise, have you exercised yet?’” she said.

“With Brook, I can log in every day and record my blood sugar readings, exercise, and my foods. I like being in control of these metrics and knowing I can look at them for a day, a week, or even the month. Brook empowers me to take better care of my health,” she said.