Top 5 Things To Know When Living With Diabetes

The choices you make each day matter

It’s less about big goals and monumental changes, and more about the many small decisions you make each day. Those daily choices are what really make the difference for your diabetes and overall health. So, instead of committing to the newest diet trend, add a cup of frozen broccoli to your frozen dinner. And before signing that gym contract, try walking an extra 500 steps today.


 You don’t have to go it alone

Managing your diabetes can be confusing at times, not to mention frustrating. Who has time to focus on all of these details when life is busy and adventure is calling? If you can, lean on friends and family. However, if they start policing your plate, other support options are at your fingertips. Lots of people and companies devote their lives to making diabetes management easier for you. The Brook app offers live 7-day-a-week support from our Health Coaches in addition to tools like blood sugar tracking and med reminders. Check out how Brook supports the AADE 7 Self-Care Behaviors™ for diabetes management. The American Diabetes Association also has additional helpful resources.

Super-simple swaps for healthy happy eating

Instead of firing off lists of what you will never, ever eat again, start with what you can easily swap into your diet. Whole-grain bread for white -BOOM!- that just added more fiber to prevent blood sugar spikes and keep you full. Sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes -BANG!- tons more nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. Whole-milk Greek yogurt instead of the fruity nonfat stuff -YES!- that healthy fat and protein will keep blood sugar steady for hours!

Find a way to move each day

Fact: getting some daily activity will go far in helping you to keep your diabetes in better control. Another fact: It doesn’t have to be drudgery. Hate working out? Fine, don’t. What about yoga…or stretching…or finally cleaning the basement? Whatever gets your get your blood moving and feels at least mildly pleasant will work. Aim for 30 minutes a day. Doing that in three 10-minute bursts is just fine.


Figure out what you love to do

Then do it. Nothing motivates us to stay healthy more than doing the things we love. Spending time with the grandkids? Writing haikus? Trying out new Instant Pot recipes? Whatever it is, dive in. Remember, there are no dress rehearsals here.

Hop on over to the Brook app to chat more with our Health Coaches on how to easily implement these ideas into your daily life in a way that’s right for you.

Image of Brook Health Expert Kelsea
Reviewed by Kelsea Hoover, MS, RDN​

on February 21, 2020. Kelsea is a Registered Dietitian with her Master's degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA, and is one of our Health Coaches.