Entering data

When you first open the app, you will be shown the Brook channel, which is where the Brookbot chats with you. You will be shown how your day is going so far and be offered advice & tips. This is also where you enter data.

Brook lets you record your data all in one place, including things like blood pressure, medications, exercise, weight, and food. Also, if you allow, Brook will automatically track your sleep and steps for you.

Having all your data in once place means you can identify what’s working and what’s not. Even if you don’t see a pattern yourself, you can feel good knowing Brook is checking in on your data to offer feedback and advice.

To record data, tap the + sign in the bottom right corner of the Brook Channel (the screen that shows when you first open the app). You know you’re on the Brook Channel if you see the word “Brook” underlined at the top of your screen.

Enter data by tapping the plus sign in the bottom right of the main Brook app screen. 

Using the Food Journal with Meal Analysis technology

Brook has taken logging food to the next level. In addition to providing instant nutritional information, we make it simple to log so our Expert team can help you figure out how what you’re eating is impacting your health and how to make small changes that add up to big results. 

It’s simple to log food. Tap +, tap the food icon, then tap the microphone and say what you ate. You can also type or choose from previously reported foods. Brook will instantly turn what you ate into nutritional information.

Tap +, tap the food icon, then tap the microphone and say what you ate. 
Brook will instantly turn what you ate into nutritional information.

The best part of logging your food in Brook? You aren’t on your own to figure out what to do with this information. Our Expert team of registered dietitians are available every day to guide you on figuring out what works best for you, and to keep you on track for reaching your goals.

Creating a medication schedule

For those who take certain medications on a regular basis, the idea of keeping track of all those medications can seem like a full time job.

On Brook, you can enter your medication schedule by entering when you take certain meds by time of day and days of the week. Brook will save that information for easy logging.

Create a medication schedule by adding a medication and checking the “Set schedule” box. Next time you log your meds, your schedule will show for easy logging.

Setting up custom reminders

We get it – sometimes life gets busy and we need some help remembering our daily health habits, like taking our medications or checking our blood sugar. Brook is here to help with custom reminders.

By setting up reminders in the app, Brook helps you make sure to take your medications on time, and that you are testing your blood sugar or blood pressure as frequently as needed. 

Reminders are simple to set up, and provide a solution to the daily struggle of remembering your tasks. No more “it’s Tuesday morning so that means I have to take my daily meds plus my twice a week med” – it’s all tracked for you in Brook. All you do is let Brook know “yep, I’ve done that” or “oh right, I’ll do that now!”

Ready to set up a reminder? Here’s a quick tutorial:

To set up a custom reminder, you will need to get to your profile. Tap “Profile” in the upper right, then tap your name.
Tap “Reminders” in your profile to get to the Reminders section of your profile. From here you can add new reminders and manage your current reminders.

Note: in order to set a medication reminder, you need to set up a medication schedule.

Chatting with Experts

Have a question about your health? No problem! Head on over to the Expert channel in your Brook app to talk to one of our health experts. They are available every day of the year.

To get there from the main screen, tap “Care Circle” in the upper-left corner of the screen, then select “Brook Expert.” Here you can message our experts just like you would text a friend.

To chat with Brook’s Expert team, tap “Care Circle” in the top left of your screen, then tap “Brook Expert.” You can chat with them any day of year, just like texting.

Viewing data

Your dashboard is a place in the app where you can view your data, including medication, food, activity, blood pressure, sleep, and more. Get there from the main screen by tapping “Profile” in the upper-right corner.

You can change the view to see a graph of your data by day, week, or month.

You can go back to previous data by scrolling the date.

You can view your data anytime in Brook by tapping “Profile” in the upper right of your screen. Scroll the data type at the top, select the time frame, and scroll back to previous data all in one place.

Profile section

From your dashboard, tap your name to enter your profile. Here you can see and update all your profile information.

Brook uses your profile information to personalize your experience, so keeping it up-to-date will help you get the most out of Brook.

Get to your profile by tapping “Profile” in the upper right, then tap your name.
Brook personalizes your experience from your profile information, so the more information you add the better Brook gets.

Creating a Doctor Report

Have a healthcare provider appointment coming up? Want to show your doctor your progress? If you are using Brook for diabetes or blood sugar control, you can get a printable report from Brook on how you’ve been doing for the last 30, 60, or 90 days.

This report includes things like blood sugar readings, number of readings that were in or out of your healthy range, activity, sleep, and more.

Using Brook for blood sugar control?
Create a report for you and your doctor to check your progress.
Tap “Care Circle” in the upper left, then tap “Create Report.” Choose the time frame and enter the emails you want to receive the PDF report.

Note: Currently available for diabetes care plan on Brook.

Health Insurance, Partners, & Referral Codes

Are you affiliated with any of our partners? Have a referral code? If you didn’t enter these when you first created your account, you can always do so from your profile.


Did you allow Brook to send you reminders to take your medications or test your blood sugar? Did you allow a Brook Expert to contact you with information about your data? Brook uses notifications on your smartphone to support you this way. You can view and update your permissions anytime from your profile. In addition to allowing notifications in your profile in the Brook app, you may also need to check your phone’s settings under Apps or Notifications to allow Brook to send notifications.

Brook works best if you allow Brook’s Experts to get in touch with you. To check your notification permissions, head to your profile. 

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